Denali Cedar - Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Alaskan yellow cedar yields beautiful options for the discerning homeowner, builder and architect. The smooth, stable honey-colored wood is ideal for all outdoor living structures and exterior architectural statements. This esteemed wood is equally striking for indoor paneling and accents.

Denali Cedar has a very distinct look and color. As it ages, it greys over time and looks beautiful. Moreover, it's extremely rot-resistant and durable. Therefore, it is ideal for environments that are exposed to constant water. The resistance to the elements and the fact that it doesn't sliver makes for great decking. Excellent uses for Denali Cedar also include flooring, door and window parts and saunas.

What can you expect from Denali Cedar?

Yellow Cedar Outdoor Deck


"The most outstanding feature of our products is that all of the processing takes place at our facilities, from green to kiln dried and surfaced. This allows for great quality control."


Denali Cedar, Yellow Alaskan Cedar

The Denali Cedar Pioneers, Oregon Industrial Lumber Products

Oregon Industrial Lumber Products is a family business that focuses on doing one thing: perfecting the art of finishing lumber. With Denali Cedar production, Oregon Industrial enhances an intrinsically exceptional cedar with careful attention to every detail.

Precise drying schedules for stability
Veteran staff of grading experts
Attentive custom techniques for smooth distinctive boards and patterns

Alaskan Yellow Cedar gives Oregon Industrial an opportunity to showcase its specialty finish process to yield beautiful options for a variety of building projects.

"Wood resonates more than ever with today's consumer who seeks out products with authentic value", says John McDowell, owner of Oregon Industrial. "Our Denali Cedar products reflect the time-honored tradition of building with real wood. The entire team at Oregon Industrial takes pride in how our machines and wood work together to produce such outstanding results."

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